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Hi, do you have any advice as to how I can export my sync timeline from TS into ┬áDR? I am currently testing a work flow and I can get everything to work perfectly in TS but I want to be able to import and AAF, XML etc into Resolve so that I have two tracks of audio (left and right channel, one lapel, one boom) and my two different camera angles as a Multicam timeline. Do you know if this is even possible, or, where I would need to look find this out? Alternatively, if this isn’t possible can I export 1 complete clip with my two tracks of audio embedded into the two video files separately then at least I might be able to use the DR’s inbuilt MC syncing function to create the MC clip that way. Great product by the way. Rare do you find something that is simple, on the face of it robust and it just works. Once I can sort out this workflow issue I will be very happy indeed.

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Just start to try with a xml for premiere. Load that into DR. See what it does.

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