Discrepancy in timecode on app between screens

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Greetings everyone… I’m new to Tentacle Sync forums and just recently purchased one.
I’ve noticed on the first screen below the timecode is accurate. On the second screen (Device Setup) its off by 2 to 6 frames. At first I was concerned by this because I was looking at the second screen and wondering why it was always off even when the TS-C slate was reading directly TC generated from the connected Tentacle Sync.

Is this a glitch in the app or am I doing something wrong? At first I thought it was just screen or bluetooth latency but the app is faster.

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The timecode shown in the monitoring view of the app (pic 1) is frame accurate and can be used to control the synchronization of multiple Tentacles.
Please note: The timecode display of the device setup menu (pic 2) is for informational purposes only. It is not guaranteed to be 100% frame accurate with the timecode running on the device.

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Thank you Nadine. I figured that’s what was happening but it’s awesome to have a confirmation.

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