Display Large TC on iPhone preferably in horizontal mode

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I am looking to display timecode on my iPhone / iPad from an attached Tentacle to use as a slate.  Preferably this would be in horizontal mode and even it would be even better if we could add text fields, but I’d settle for just large timecode.

It would be great if this was added to the Tentacle app which already displays timecode, just not large enough. If you add this feature, then everyone with a cell phone could attach a tentacle and have visible jam-sync time code.   Think added sales because each camera op would carry a tentacle.   OR put a screen on the device but that seems more costly.  Just free suggestions or maybe there is already a FREE app that can take Tentacle input and display it?  Yours already does, but it is too small.

Best,  Marko


Most app’s are not accurate (enough) because of display latency.