Do you need tentacle sync software to see timecode

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I am trying to record timecode from a master tentacle box onto an a7s. This a7s is trying to be matched to a bunch of Fs7s. Is it possible to see timecode in whatever editor the people doing post are using? How is this timecode that is recorded to an audio channel seen inside of avid or final cut?
thx for any advice

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The timecode you ‘write’ on the A7S is written as an audio signal. Yes that ugly sound when you play back the clips…. ­čÖé
This audio stream is called LTC, Longitudinal Time Code. It can be read by timecode readers that can convert it to a number. Tentacle Sync Studio is one of them. But also Resolve has it build in, and so does Avid Media Composer. Avid calls this Aux Timecode.
Final Cut Pro cannot.
The best way to sync files for the most editing ┬áprograms is written on the help pages on the www of Tentacle. In short; for Avid use Avid’s own syncing. For all the others; use Tentacle Sync Studio.
Remember, if you have a Tentacle, you also have a licence of Tentacle Sync Studio.

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