Does tentacle work with Blackmagic ATEM TV studio live video?

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I have just started using a Blackmagic ATEM TV studio. It works with SDI & HDMI inputs from camera & I’ve set it up with two lapel mics on camera 1. The audio however drifts progressively out of sync. When I place a 7min clip on a fcpx timeline, the audio is 22frames shorter than the video. Which i guess means that tentacle sync wouldn’t work for my situation right?




Hi Ulrich,


No I have not used Tentacle Sync yet, I was wondering and therefore enquiring if it would work for my situation?


I use three cameras with the ATEM, which is a visual mixer. I did not use audio time code, I basically used claps to manually sync sound to visuals.

The sound is recorded directly onto camera one. Two lapel mics that record via XLR via the camera onto the two tracks.

The visuals & sound are then sent to the mixer via SDI.


Many thanks for your reply,



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