Drop Frame and Non-Drop Frame

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New to this device…. can you select drop or non-drop TC?  Or is it locked into non-drop?  Our workflow for years has been to shoot in drop-frame for broadcast production.




Tentacle Sync can do all the standard SMPTE 12M frame rates including Drop Frame like 23.976 (aka 23.98), 24.00, 25.00, 29.97, 29.97 DF, 30.00 FPS.

Frame Rates higher than 30.00 FPS are not supported by the SMPTE 12M specification, but most cameras will interpret the timecode correctly when using 50.0 or 59.94 FPS. Also Tentacle Sync Studio will automatically convert 29.97 FPS timecode to 59.54 timecode when using audio timecode.