Email my licence please

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Hi Guys, I can’t find a way to email you directly through this site. I bough my tentacles from you without using the website and I do not seem to have an email version of my licence. I need this urgently to activate the sync software and am away from home where I think the paper version will be. Please can you email to – the communications we had will be through that email address.




Hi Becky,

you can use your Tentacle units as a hardware dongle to activate the export functions of your software. I have contacted you via email with further details.



I also purchased this unit from Trew Audio in Atlanta, i can activate my software using the usb dongle.  However do i have to do this every time to use this software, i’d like to also have my license key.  Once i activate it why does it keep making me use the usb dongle, its quite frustrating to have to constantly plug in the tentacle to use the sync software.  please advise


I advise you to not be frustrated for such things 🙂


It works perfectly like this isn’t it?


There needs to be a way to use the software without us having to connect our Tentacle every time we use it. It is very annoying that I have to connect it every time I need an export.

I have already purchased the unit.

Do people who have purchased a serial need to enter it every time they want an export?

It is rather silly.


I would like to request the activation key as well. It seems like the timecode gets changed if you plug it into the computer. Therefore, you have to resync the devices again. That is not an ideal workflow. At least let the app work for a day or two without having to plug the device in again.


Your requests has been honoured! Update to Tentacle Studio 1.04 or Timecode Tool and get yourself a licence key!


I have attempted, but I get an error saying “invalid hardware ID” when I try and register my license. Tentaclesetup verifies that my hardware is connected and functioning. I’m a bit lost as to how to complete the authorisation.