When exporting media in Tentacle Studio, does the timecode generated in the audio track replace the timecode for the new clip?

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Hi, love the product thus far.  I’m doing a documentary where we are recording interviews over 17 days.  Each night, I will be sending off an mp3 to a transcriber to make transcripts.  I was going to create an mp3 where the audio is one track and the timecode is on the other so that the transcribers can put timecode into the transcripts.

My question has to do with the exporting of the media, to create a new clip.  Does the timecode generated by tentacle sync become the new timecode for the exported media clip?  If so, how do you do this?  I’ve tried many tests and it seems as though it’s a different timecode.





Hi James,

If there is audio timecode present on the source clip, it will replace the file timecode on export of the file. That’s usually what users want.

Do I get you right that this is not what you want? What software does the transcriber to make transcripts? Is this software capable of reading audio timecode?


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