Exporting without Tentacle Hardware

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I transcode footage and apparently the audio guy on set used tentacle technology during a shoot. I downloaded the software, drag and dropped the footage and audio but, when I tried to export, I got this message:

To unlock export please connect a switched-on Tentacle via USB. The Tentacle needs to run at least firmware 3.70. Also make sure that Tentacle Setup does not try to access the unit at the same time.

We don’t have anything to plug into a USB. Is there any other way to export?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Taylor,

you are not the only one asking for this ­čÖé We will sell a┬ástandalone version of the Tentacle Sync Software in a few weeks. Until then you and everyone else is invited to ask for a fully functional demo.

Just drop a message to support at tentaclesync dot com.