Exporting XML for FCPX

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I have found a way to export xml’s for Final Cut Pro X, i think. At this moment there is no XML export for this build in Tentacle sync.

But, the free version of Blackmagic Resolve does read FCP7 xml’s and export it as FCPX XML. I did a quick test and it worked.

I’ d like to hear your experiences if this is a working workaround for as long as this export is missing in Tentacle Sync Studio.



Resolve 12.3.2 turns the timeline upside down at export to FCPX. Meaning upper tracks will appear on the bottom and lower tracks will appear on top. Very irritating. It also means audio track one will be under audio track 2 etc.

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MXF files from a Canon XF100 (and also C300) are cut into multiple files when they exceed 2GB. Tentacle read them as one file, but when i export it as PP or FCP7 xml, on the timeline in Resolve and FCP7 the first part of the clip is displayed but the rest isn’t. Missing media.

What you should do is first convert the media so spanned clips will be ‘one’ clip. Then sync it in SyncStudio. If you import them in FCPX you will find these clips in the library (xxx.fcpbundle). To see them right-click and choose Show Package Content and look for Original Media. Use these files for syncing.

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