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I am about to order a tentacle sync and would like to know how much, total, will it cost me to ship to Florida (USA)? I want to purchase the standard 2 tentacle set with  90° BNC adapter-cable, minijack-cable, and  LEMO adapter-cable which comes out to a total of $554.00 including int’l shipping cost of $30.OO according to the shopping cart. IS there more fees that I just don’t know about? I know that you can’t tell me how much the charges would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country, but do you know how I would go about finding out? As a person who rarely ever buys from outside the US I have no idea where to find out and if it would end up costing me an additional large amount, making me less likely to purchase this. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Alejandro,

Unfortunately we don’t get an official feedback about the amount of costum duties and fees. What we heard from our costumers from the US that the authorities just charge fees randomly. If they charge it should be around 4% of the invoice amount plus service charges (brokerage fees) from UPS which are doing that service for you.

Within the next days you will be able to purchase them in you country. Please ask Trew Audio for example.

Next time if you need a quick answer please write an email to: support@tentaclesync.com




I just saw that Trew Audio sells them Very nice. Thank you.