Filmic Pro on iPhone and Tentacle Sync Studio sync groups

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I have three Tentacle iOS cables for three iPhones. I shoot video on three iPhones using Filmic Pro, each with a Tentacle Sync box plugged in the headphone jack. I set Filmic Pro CMS (content management system) so that each iPhone generates video file names like “CAM 1 take number” “CAM 2 take number” and “CAM 3 take number” in an attempt to give TSS the ability to form 3 sync groups but this does not happen. I have to manually assign sync groups for a multi cam sync. Is there some setting or something you can do to make TSS look at similar file names as sync groups?

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What do you mean by “I have not met this case”?
If you mean nobody ever asked this question before, well here’s you chance to answer a question you never saw before. Why doesn’t TSS set the three different file names as Sync groups? Are all iPhones producing video files that have no identifying characteristics so as to build difference sync groups?

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