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Hi, guys i’m Researching tentacle sync for purchase ..the only thing that’s holding me back from purchasing is , I can’t figure out how one would go about bringing in raw files into the tentacle sync desktop  app and then sending that to Davinci Resolve to sync. I use the Blackmagic Ursa Mini pro ..I shoot in raw cinema Dng’s.  How can I injest raw files into the tentacle sync desktop app (Mac) and then send that info (XML maybe) to Davinci resolve to sync. Or can I just bypass the desktop app all entirely and take the footage/Audio in Davinci resolve, hopefully having the time code embedded in the external audio as well as the In-camera audio  Thanks guys

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Are you also editing in Resolve? If not, you have to export the video anyway, so you could sync audio in the other edit program.
If yes, are you sure you want to edit in Resolve? The AAF export is still flaky, so you have to use a long workaround to export AAF files for mixing in ProTools.
I think Resolve can read LTC as well, but i don’t think it can do batch syncing, Tentacle Sync Studio can.

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