FPS Problem

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our director wanted to use 23.98 fps for the entire movie.  The DP would set the camera including the frame rate (Sony A7) through an Atomos Ninja Blade.  I used tentacles on the camera and the audio recorder set to 23.98.


For some reason, after the first video clip was shot, the camera would revert to 29.97 fps for all subsequent shots.

Result:  Dragging and dropping the video and audio files to the tentacle sync studio software results in nothing being synced.

Please help!


Hi Dave,

this sounds like a difficult task to accomplish. But I think may be able to correct this within Tentacle Sync Studio.

The software works basically with absolute time values. So it should be no problem to sync 23.98 fps timecode with 29.97 fps timecode. It only will result in a slight inaccuracy of max. 1-2 frames. This is only true if your mismatched timecodes are both NTSC timecodes and only if they both do not use drop frame. There reason is that NTSC timeocdes are not realtime. They are slower than realtime. But that should be no problem here.

So maybe you only have to set an offset for the mismatching files. You can do this in Tentacle Sync Studio by “right clicking” on the files and select “set offset”.

Hope that helps!


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