GH2 not seeing Audio TC

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Ran a test recording between a GH4 and a GH2 and although the audio of the GH2 clearly has the tentacle audio timecode (you can hear it when playing the file back), the tentacle sync software is not recognising it?

Here is the file


I had a look at the file and I found out that you recorded a file with AC-3 encoded audio. Tentacle Sync cannot read AC-3 soundtracks when the needed AC-3 codec is not installed. This is a general problem regarding lack of AC-3 Support for Apple Devices.

Solution 1: Do use PCM Audio instead of AC-3

If your camera supports different audio formats like AC-3 or PCM always choose PCM. Then you won’t have a codec problem afterwards in the editing room.

Solution 2: Install an AC3 Codec

In the past you could install an open source AC3 Codec with the “Perian Quicktime Component”. But they have dropped support in OS X 10.8. However it is still possible to install an AC3 codec with a little trick you can find here:¬†

When you work with OS X El Capitan it seems that Apple has integrated the codec to the system. So no need for installing an extra codec.

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