GH4 Sync Issue

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We have a multi cam feature that was shot on GH4’s and there is a large majority of the footage that while shot at 24p (NDF) the sound was sync’d to an external recorder at 23.976. This is causing major issues with the sync.

If we sync with the jam signal as it is, the tracks drift and if we transcode the footage or the sound files then the tentacle signal won’t sync.

Any ideas on a fix?


Hmm. Could you send me some files to reproduce this via wetransfer to info at tentaclesync? Maybe I find a solution for that. But to find out I need more detailed information on the setup you used. Did you use one or two Tentacles? Has the Tentacle for the GH4 been synced from your audio recorder? Has it been set to 23.98 or 24 fps? Best, Ulrich

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