GH5 Issue with 4K 10 bit clips

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WHen rewrapping the files wit TimecodeTool by using both passtrough options (Video/Audio), the Tool is rewriting TC correctly icluding mute of the Audiosignal BUT somehow the VideoCodec is changed from the original AVCi to something aivx I never heard of. And so Media Composer (tried on 2018.3 and actual Version) wont recognize it. Long-G Clips the same … 1080p isnt an issue at all. ANY IDEAS?

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update in 2021… In late 2020, I went ahead and purchased a license for LTC Convert from Video tool shed. It works perfectly to convert Audio TC on all my footage to file TC. Then creating a multi-camera sequence in Premiere Pro. This workflow allows me to align an entire weekend shoot consisting of several hundred clips along with audio files in about 2 minutes. I can then provide the PP project file and a FCPX XML file to the editor as the final product. The only time I ran into an issue trying to convert any files with Audio timecode to file TC was when the camera operator shot in in a Sony AVCHD format which LTC convert does not support. A much better solution for Windows users than the Tentacle timecode tool.

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