What happen to metadatas?

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i tried to do some test and explorations of the “tentacle timecode tool V1.00”.

I recorded a minute of timecode directly on channel 1 of my recorder (> i plugged a tentacle on audio input 1.)

Polyphonic files with metadatas like scene/take number, project name… Everything appear on my “wave Agent” program used to make sound reports.

I import this file now in the timecode tool (timecode and audio timecode are different) > i do the export and now timecode match perfectly the audio timecode.

This export created a new file with same name but _1 in the end. The problem is that on this new file, all informations in the metadatas listed above just disapeared.. can be quiet annoying.

Is it a way to do this process of “re-stamping” a new TC AND keep original metadatas?

Could be great 🙂

Thank you for reply and congratulation for this super tiny tool!