What happen to metadatas?

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i tried to do some test and explorations of the “tentacle timecode tool V1.00”.

I recorded a minute of timecode directly on channel 1 of my recorder (> i plugged a tentacle on audio input 1.)

Polyphonic files with metadatas like scene/take number, project name… Everything appear on my “wave Agent” program used to make sound reports.

I import this file now in the timecode tool (timecode and audio timecode are different) > i do the export and now timecode match perfectly the audio timecode.

This export created a new file with same name but _1 in the end. The problem is that on this new file, all informations in the metadatas listed above just disapeared.. can be quiet annoying.

Is it a way to do this process of “re-stamping” a new TC AND keep original metadatas?

Could be great 🙂

Thank you for reply and congratulation for this super tiny tool!



V.1.02 Did the Job!


Thank you very much for the update!

Now metadatas appears perfectly after “Processing”

No “difference” of start/end timecode anymore too.

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