How do I move timecode to metadata in videofiles

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I have FS7 footage with audio-timecode from Tentacle device on channel 2. Ref. audio on channel 1.

I want the software to read the audio-timecode and re-write the metadata timecode in the videofiles to match the recorded audio-timecode.

Is this possible?

Best regards


I see. It makes sence. I have the software running now, and I’m able to produce the .mov’s. Only now the problem has become reading the TC. Only a few of the original clips are read. So for the┬ámajority of the files the timecode is not recognised. – I’m curious to why this is the case. When I load the clips up in my NLE all the channel 2 tracks make an approx -18db on the level meter, and they all sound like an old modem kicking of. Never the less you software is only able to detect the timecode of 3-4 clips, out of 40. – That’s odd, right?

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