iPhone and Tentacle not synching

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I’m using an iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 10.2.1 and a Tentacle running firmware version 3.71. The Tentacle will not sync from my phone.

Tentacle is showing a message that the Tentacle is not responding and yet the Tentacle does blink rapidly when I connect to the iPhone, so it seems to recognise it. I have the volume turned up on my iPhone.

The Tentacle does work with the Tentacle Setup on my MacBook and will accept Timecode. Also my Sound Devices 664 is able to read from the Tentacle. It also worked when I bought it a year ago and used it with my old Android phone. But the iPhone and the Tentacle just aren’t talking to each other.

The cable I’m using is a TRRS-mini TRS adapter cable, same as this: https://shop.tentaclesync.com/product/tentacle-to-iphone-adapter-cable/

Is there a firmware update I need and if so where do I download it from? I’ve searched and can’t find anything.


Hi Sean,

you are using the wrong cable. The “Tentacle to iPhone adapter cable” is exclusively for use with apps like MovieSlate or Ambient’s Clockit Timecode App. You need to use the white 4 pin TRRS cable named “Setup Cable for iOS” wich is included in every Tentacle Set. Please have a look at the picture down below.

I know this is a bit confusing, but the difference between both cables is that the “Tentacle to iPhone adapter cable” does only send out timecode in one direction whereas the “Setup Cable for iOS” is for bi-directional data transfer between the setup app and the iOS device.


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