Iphone app, RTC timecode is behind the tentacle time code after sync

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I’ve just noticed, that when I use the iphone app to setup a tentacle to have timcode based off my iphones clock, the RTC time displayed is different to the time displayed on the home page, where it states ‘green mode’.

The RTC time is 1 second behind the ‘green mode’ timecode displayed?


Hi Craig,

how did you find out? 🙂 RTC time and timecode are displayed on different pages. You cannot see them both at the same time on your iPhone.

Anyway, I did a test here. RTC and timecode did match up perfectly in sync (you can see them both by using the Mac Setup App). The only thing that can cause a difference between timecode and RTC is when using NTSC timecode with 29.97 fps NDF. Here the timecode runs slower than real time. After one hour the difference between RTC and timecode will be 3.6 seconds.

Hope that helps!


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