iPhone/Tentacle software all up to date. iPhone won’t connect…

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Trying out a TentacleSync just received from Trew that I’d like to use Monday.  It’s fully charged and able to communicate with my Mac setup app.

Now the problem:  Tentacle is turned on and I’m using the included white TRRS IOS sync cable and unable to connect with my iPhone (IOS 9.2) Tentacle app.  Latest firmware (3.70) is installed, I’ve cleaned the sync cable and iPhone jack with Deoxit and can find no evidence of lint, dirt etc. Cable continuity checks good in all four wires. Levels on both iPhone and Tentacle are set just below highest.

I’ve read through everything I can find here and in the Tentacle manual and forum.  It just doesn’t work.


So, the problem was in the headphone jack. While I thought I cleaned initially, it there was debris keeping the plug from fully inserting, The iPhone naturally goes into my pocket upside down, leaving the power and HP jacks in a position ready to accumulate lint. I was able to carefully poke around with a pin, invert and then tap on a surface to knock it out. Everything is fine now.

Tentacle Sync support was very responsive and I thank them.

I’ve used the Tentacle on three day’s shoots and I love it. Will buy more.

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