Jamming tentacle with SD 633

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I seem to be having issues jamming the tentacle sync using my SD 633.  The sound device is in free run on 23.98.  I’m using a 5pin lemo to 3.5 to connect to the tentacle.  When I am plugging in the tentacle, it flashes red 3 times and doesn’t jam.  In the jam menu the SD isn’t recognizing the device.

It’s not the cable either because if I use the tentacle as the master and SD to receive external TC, it will then jam up correctly.  So I’m not sure what I am doing wrong with the setup.

Any help will be appreciated.


633 user here also. I don’t know if this is your issue, but I am starting to wonder if when you want to change framerate, if we are required to use the app to change the framerate… As in, changing the framerate on the 633 in the TC menu and then plugging in the tentacle will cause the triple red flash (ie “didn’t jam”). I’m finding that I need to plug the tentacle into my phone, change to the new framerate I want, and only then will I be able to properly receive the TC from the 633 (get the proper green light flash after red ready mode).

If there is someway to bypass my phone when I want to change framerate, I’m all ears.


There are separate input and output cables because Lemo uses different pins for input and output. Looks like you use the wrong cable.

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