jamming/connecting to GH4

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I’ve just got my first Tentacle and so far loving what it can do…..but despite managing to jam TC from the Tentacle to a Clockit Slate, a Sony PMWF3 and to my surprise an Ikonoskop DII I cannot figure out how to use it with Panasonic GH4…..so I thought I’d ask here as I’m sure many of you use a Tentacle with that camera. The TC track will not record, the mic track from the Tentacle does record ok on CH’ Right, but Left CH’ gets nothing so there’s a setting or set-up that I’m missing here. Hopefully someone will be able to let me know how to correct this……Thanks!



I have another problem with TC tantacle eand the Gh4

but Tc is using 1 channel from the 2 ch l or R depending your 3.5 jack cable I bought a splitter 1 in cam and 2 out

left and richt one for the TC tentacle and one for the mic

Yes mono and a azden fmx -dslr between or a saramonic smartrig yes… one chanel l or R the other one is for teh TC


see for the smartrig DSLR Video shooter on youtube