Live logging software with Tentacle Sync

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I’m looking for a way to log on the fly with our Tentacle Sync E’s. So, I’m looking for an app (on Mac or IOS) that can read the TC coming from the Tentacle (through Bluetooth or minijack?) and where I can type notes / place markers on the current TC.

So a more professional alternative for an Excel file with manual date and time. The only software I found so far was LiveLog. Somebody experience with this software?


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if you are running TOD timecode you can make life much simpler but just pasting the current time of the laptop/iPad if that is more or less the same as the TOD.

This is included in the app called Tentacle Timebar. Click on the timecode and it copies it to the copy/paste memory.
(latest update)

If you are running Montery or higher you can install the above mentioned app and do the same. SyncE should be within BT reach.

What you also can do is make a script using KeyBoardMaestro (paid but cheap). You can connect the LTC into the Mac audio input, read it using Lockstep (free) and when you press a key combination you can paste the current timecode in whatever app you have at front. I have once made such a script but I never used it as I never needed logging 🙂
The advantage is of this method is that you do not need to click on the timebar and switch back to Excel or whatever.

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I’m looking to solve the same problem. Like the proposed solution of scripting with KeyboardMaestro, what if we could use the Shortcuts app to read and paste the Tentacle sync time code?

Easy for me to say, but from a developer standpoint it seems possible. If Tentacle Timebar app could expose a function to the Shortcuts app > Add action > Apps list of available actions then boom — users could create an action to paste time code and assign it to the action button or tell Siri to “paste time code” or similar.

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