Movie Slate App

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the app MovieSlate is a very well known iPad app for slating (+ many interesting extras).
It is possible as well to jamsync the app with compatible TC devices.

I tried if the app could read out the TC send by Tentacle but it did not work.

Does anybody have any experience with that … a workaround ?

There is a TC sample on their website to download :

Maybe someone of the Tentacle team can compare their TC with the one of this sample and finding out where the differences are.

It would be great if Tentacle could work with this app … feature request 😉

Besides that I am a happy camper with the Tentacles on a c100m2 and Zoom h6 🙂




Hi Stefan,

Tentacle does work with apps like MovieSlate. You only need the right cable for this:

Due to technical reasons it is not possible to use the included iPhone Setup cable. But the cable above will do the job.

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