Multichannel track xml in Premiere Pro CC

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Hi there.
Tentacle Sync has done a lovely job of syncing footage and audio, even recognising a multichannel ambisonic track and displaying it as such in the syncmap preview. However, when I open the XML in Premiere, the four channels of audio in the multichannel track, are laid out on their own tracks (I need them to remain contained in a multi-channel track). From research and messing around, it seems that in order for Premiere to handle multichannel tracks, the sequence needs to be created first with a track designated as multichannel and then all the multichannel clips need to be modified to ‘adaptive’ before bringing them in to the sequence. This is all very well, but the Tentacle Sync xml is a sequence of its own and seems to have all the settings preset. Is there a known workflow for this scenario?
Thanks very much!

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