Multitrack Audio files

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As discussed over the phone I am posting my question here for the forum to see:

I recorded audio directly into Sequoia Audio Work Station (Magix) using 8 tracks plus a timecode track connected to a tentacle device. In Parallel (using A7sii and a Shogun Flame) I recorded the video with a stereo audio signal from a second tenticle device.

Now I want to sync the multitrack audio files from sequoia with the video+Stereo files from the Shogum.

In Sequoia I have the option to export a multitrack audio project as an OMF or AAF file keeping the internal order of the audio tracks inside the multitrack timeline. But it seems Tenticle Sync does not import such formats.

I can also export from sequoia each track as a separate WAV. But in this case, will Tenticle Sync be able to Sync the audio tracks that belong together into one multitrack file when exporting as OMF?

The version of Sequoia I use (12) does not support XML. If must be, I will upgrade to version 13 which supports XML.


I would avoid using OMF or AAF.

I presume you can export all tracks as wav files. Can you also export them as multichannel wav files? That would be the best. Include the timecode track and use Tentacle Sync to line them up.

if not, you can export 8 stereo wav files from all 8 tracks, each file containing one audio track and the timecode track. Then you can line them up.

You can also just read the timecode from the Sequoia audio track and manually change the meta data timecode using Wave Agent.