multitrack audio sync using a daw

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I’ve been looking everywhere but couldn’t find no post or video on this topic.
I will need to record muliple audio tracks + sync to video via tentacle on 2 dslr.
I don’t own no zoom or portable audio rec gear so I plan to use my old RME Fireface 800.
I can dedicate a line input to a tentacle and then have other audio tracks.
Will it work ? Does a zoom writes sync it receives from the tentacle to all audio files ? I saw such a recorder had an EXT TIMECODE option.

Can I achieve this in my DAW, through my soundcards. I’m using ableton 10 on a mac (big sur) with my RME soundcard

Thanks for your help

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Yes, just use any recorder, and stripe one channel of it with timecode. So it can also be a DAW like Logic or ProTools.
When you drag all the audiofiles to Tentacle Sync Studio, including the TC track, TSS will see all files with same length in samples as a single take with multiple tracks

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