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Hi! Do any of you record music videos with one camera, making several takes and combine them to a multicam clip? I’d like to do so, having the same Timecode on all clips to make syncing it easier in post. Any ideas? Cheers Michael

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What you could do is add timecode as audio to the music track. You can sum left and right onto left channel and use the right channel for the timecode, then you can just use a 2track audio player.
Then, using a normal wireless audio system, send this LTC from the music player to the camera. It means every camera take will have the same timecode as the music on it’s audio track.

Then, in Tentacle Sync Studio you can align them all below the music track.

Some side notes.
It is best to start the camera AFTER the music (=timecode) starts, not before. Not 100% necessary, because you can read the audio timecode from anywhere in the file; start, middle, random, etc. But it will speed up the process as you don’t have to select these.

I have no idea how many ‘camera’s’ multicam can have in TSS and your video software. Because every take will be another “camera angle”. Maybe you have to do multiple syncing runs.

Don’t make new video files in TSS because then the reference to the original video files will be lost. Keep the original timestamp from the video.

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