Output volume and auto mic level simplified !!?

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July 24 the Tentacle Setup app for IOS was updated to version 2.2, “Output volume and auto mic level simplified”. The update removed the adjustable output level slider replacing it with a two button selection for MIC or LINE. What the heck is this about? Why remove a useful feature that is supported by the hardware. I discovered this feature loss when I needed to reduce the LINE level output slightly as it was overloading the input of my Sound Devices MixPre-3. This is not good.

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I appreciate your answer. I am not a big fan of software “improvements” that remove features. I am a sound professional and fully understand the meaning of MIC and LINE and liked the variability of the slider. Seems more like you wanted to reduce tech support calls. Why not keep the slider as setting in the app for those of us who understand its use?

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