Panasonic gh5 sync issue

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We are preparing our workflow for a feature and unfortunately are having trouble auto syncing in Avid MC. The Panasonic GH5 consistently has an audio pre roll of 7 frames at the beginning of each recorded clip where there is no audio signal recorded. We think this is a pre roll type buffer which we can’t figure a fix for. Has anyone come across this issue and found a solution?

Many thanks


It’s true that in a clip, made by the GH5 (also GH4), the sound starts recording after 5 – 7 frames. Especially when you hold the release button this occurs.

I did a test with Tentacle on my GH5 and the Zoom H5 recorder. I took some shots with my finger on the release button. A Rode mic and the Tentacle where attached via the Y-cable to the camera.

The clips and the sound record where synced in Tentacle Sync Studio. The XML is exported to PCPX.

It is all perfectly synced without any corrections. The wave forms of the movie and the audio recording match perfect.

Try it yourself!

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