Can you let us know the pinout for the iPhone input cable and why can’t I select a middle point in the output level on the iPhone app?

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It’d be great to find out the pinout for the Tentacle to iPhone/iPad cable to input/record TC on one of those apps.


Also, I find that adjusting the output level on the app (iPhone) from line or mic to something in between automatically goes back to mic or line (whatever the middle point is closest to). This does not happen on the computer app, only on the iPhone one, where no increment adjustments are available (straight line instead).


Otherwise absolutely brilliant product.


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Hi Ulrich,

Thanks very much for your reply. Unfortunately the pinout you shared does not trigger the iPhone’s/iPad mic input at all. I’ve done a similar one with a 1k (after asking a cable maker friend of mine) to provide the mic input with a dummy load and it does trigger it, however… see:

One tentacle works and the other doesn’t. This is getting me confused!

Many thanks,


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