Post having trouble syncing with DaVinci 12.5


Recently shot with 2 Sony A7s cameras and a Tascam DR 680. First Tentacle (master) was jammed using Tentacle Sync app via Android OTG. 2nd and 3rd Tentacles were jammed accordingly from master. Tascam has 1st track as LTC track and the rest of the tracks of the polywav were used for production recording.

Using Tentacle Timecode Tool v1.07 for Windows to write Timecode Information into the Audio metadata. Imported the Audio (exported by Tentacle Timecode Tool with the options Audio “pass through” and “Mute audio TC”) to Resolve. In the media bin of Resolve, I can see the Start TC, End TC, etc of the audio.

BUT under Metadata window there is no Timecode information present, is this normal?

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 is also able to “Update Timecode from Audio-LTC” for the video files. AGAIN, not Timecode information under the Metadata window even for video files.

And finally, “Auto-sync Audio Based on Timecode” is a hit and miss and is very inaccurate.

Am I missing something? Can anyone confirm a similar experience? Or can anyone show a better workflow for sync for post production houses under a Windows system?




Hi Jedd,

it should work the way you described. One thing I don’t know is if daVinci can handle isolated mono tracks. I would have gone recording a poly wave instead. But that does not explain the inaccurate syncing.

Maybe you can send me a small set of audio and video that should match up to reproduce the issue here. You can send me the files via wetransfer, dropbox or google drive. Use the support (at) tentaclesync address to send me the link.


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