pre purchase multi device sync question

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I am ready to buy at least 6 units as i need them for a massive shoot. Below is what i am planning to do and i am really hoping for some guidance/workflow from the experts on setting up the tentacle sync units with a multicam setup and what are the correct cables and accessories i need to purchase to make it work.

there will be 4 x Sony FS7

there will be 4 talent on wireless mic setups and a boom mike recorded to external recorder (Zoom F8 Multi-Track Field Recorder)

Am i correct in thinking that each camera gets a unit into an XLR (what cable do i need) And 1 unit is into the recorder via and XLR Also?


The Zoom F8 has BNC timecode in, you do not need to put it on an audio track.

Each camera get’s a tentacle on an XLR audio input.

So you need 5 tentacle’s.

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