Premiere CC & Windows 10

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I use GH4’s, a Zoom F4, and edit on Premiere CC on a Windows 10 machine. I am concerned about the workflow getting the LTC timecode from the GH4 files into the editor properly. Can you point me to a tutorial or examples of how the Windows software works?  Thanks!


I’m interested in the same thing.  I have the Time-code tool on Windows but there are no instructions on how to use it and import the information to Premiere Pro.


How does this workflow work?


Basically you would use the Tentacle Timecode Tool Software to read the Audio Timecode (LTC). On export Timecode Tool will embed this timecode into the metadata of the file and delete the audio-track that contained the LTC before. It is possible to choose “pass through” wich will not alter video or audio samples or you can transcode the footage to more editing friendly codec like DNxHD.

The exported files can be imported into Premiere and used then for existing Premiere timecode sync workflows.