Preserving audio in original video clip

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On an FS7, I’m running an on-cam mic on channel 1 and the tentacle timecode on channel 2. Channels 3 and 4 are a radio hop from an F4 mixer – just so I can hear what’s being recorded to the mixer.

Is there a way of preserving or passing through any of the original channels from the video clip, so I could keep the camera mic audio, please?



Many thanks, Ulrich.

That sorted it – I restricted MXF Audio Options to “Only include tracks 1-4” and it put the externally recorded track on channel 8, preserving the original camera-recorded channels 1 to 4.


With Tentacle Sync Studio there is the option to include or exclude Camera Audio to the synced clip. This is done with the “Keep Camera Audio” checkbox in the main window. Also audio timecode will always be muted on export.

The only thing is that it is currently not possible to choose a specific channel to include from the camera. It’s all or nothing.

But in your specific case there is already a solution: Because MXF files (wich the FS7 does) always come with a lot of unused audio channels, there is the possibility in Sync Studio to limit the used audio channels on MXF files during import. You can change this the settings panel under “MXF Audio Options”