Problem With A7S II footage

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When I export A7S II XAVC S UHD footage via the TentacleSync software using ‘Pass Through Original’ I get a really weird problem in Premiere CC. The files appear without a problem in Finder & Quicktime.

But when I import them in Premiere I only see green frames and the fps are all different. The files that didn’t get synced are ok and some other files are also ok (very random).

When I export to ProRes I don’t have this problem.

I’ve tried it multiple times with different files.

I’m running on the latest version of OS X & Premiere on a maxed out iMac.

Do you have a solution?





I have checked your material and here is what I have found out:

The problem only occurs on MovieExport with PassTrough when the audio of the synchronized clip starts later than the corresponding video. The exported clip is technically ok, but  Premiere doesn’t like it. We will address this issue in the next update.

As a Workaround you can select “Linear PCM (…)” instead of “Pass Through” for the Audio Options. It will not alter your Audio Samples if they are already in PCM Format, but it will fill up the audio gaps at the beginning of each file so that premiere is happy 🙂

Hope that helps!

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