Problem With A7S II footage

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When I export A7S II XAVC S UHD footage via the TentacleSync software using ‘Pass Through Original’ I get a really weird problem in Premiere CC. The files appear without a problem in Finder & Quicktime.

But when I import them in Premiere I only see green frames and the fps are all different. The files that didn’t get synced are ok and some other files are also ok (very random).

When I export to ProRes I don’t have this problem.

I’ve tried it multiple times with different files.

I’m running on the latest version of OS X & Premiere on a maxed out iMac.

Do you have a solution?





Hello Ulrich,


The trick worked well with only one exception. C0010 only has a duration of 14 frames so it looks like the problem still occurs with really short clips.

But I wasn’t going to use that clip so it’s not a problem for me :).




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