Proxy do not link in Premiere

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we had a problem with the xml in the Premiere 2017 software. When we generate proxys of videos in a sequence created for the xml, the proxys generated do not link to the original videos.


We tryed to link them one by one but an error message apperars: “media of the proxy and media of the complete ressolution must have the same audio channels”.


We have noticed that the audio specifications of the clips imported with the xml of Tentacle are different than the ones of the clips imported directly through the computer folders.


Software versions details

Tentacle Sync Studio 1.10 (2849)

Premiere 2017.1.2 v11.0, Oasis


Can you help us to solve this problem?




Hi Francesc,

First of all, if something does not work like it should, please download the latest version of Tentacle Sync wich is currently Version 1.11. You should also try the latest beta:

If you still encounter problems, it would be great to send me some small files to reproduce the issue here. If it is a bug we can only fix it when we can reproduce it here.

You can send us the files via wetransfer, dropbox, googledrive to info (at)


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