Reliability of TC on iPhone App

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I’m jamming the Tentacle Sync with my Sound Devices 702T and the iPhone Software indicates 4 Frames ahead of the Sound Devices immediately after the first check (around 2min after the jam). Is the iPhone App reliable concerning the Time Code (Frames) and the Time Code on the Sound Devices 702T display?

I discovered this when I was filming both displays (iPhone App and Sound Devices 702T).

I’m using an iPhone 5.

The reason why I did this test (filming/comparing the Tentacles TC on the iPhone 5 and the TC on the display of the SD 702T) is mainly because of the following problem:

When jamming the Tentacle Sync with the SD 702T the Sound Devices 702T is 0.5-1 frames behind the Camera (Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k).


If somebody has an idea about both problems I’d be happy to get a reply on my message. Thanks a lot and best, Chris


Hi Chris,

Is the iPhone software app you are referring to the Tentacle Sync app?

When synching the Blackmagic camera files in the Tentacle Sync “synching software” do the SD702t audio file sync with the Blackmagic files?

Some devices have some lag in the TC number displayed. My Denecke TS-2 Timecode Slate has an (1 frame) offset in the display, but the timecode is correct.

Frame rates correct in both devices?


SD744t user