Will I be able to reliably sync audio between an Alexa & Tascam DR70 w/ Tentacles?

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Hi there,

I’m considering buying 2 Tentacle Sync boxes today, because I was informed it they could generate time code and sync it between the camera and the recorder.

I’m a bit of a noob here, and honestly have never used timecode before. But we are now shooting on the Alexa which doesn’t have internal audio, and only have a friend to help without sound (not a pro..)

So, am I out of my depth here? Or might it actually be possible to use an inexpensive recorder like the Tascam D70 and actually sync it with the Alexa using the Tentacles? I watched a couple demos / videos walking through the Tentacles and how they work… but I still don’t quite get it. It’s mostly just descriptions of how it works, but not really showing exactly how getting time code into normal budget recorder works, and then sending it to the camera and then really showing you how it all syncs together in the software.

I won’t be offended if someone explains it all like I’m 5 years old;) It would actually help a lot.


It will work. Read the manuals on how to set them up.

I hope the sound will be good too.