Removing tentacle from camera

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First of all, I would like to say, having used my Tentacles for the first time on a shoot last week, how pleased I am with them. Extremely easy and intuitive to use. Also, I reckon that placing on a camera, in this occasion Alexas and Epic Scarlets, they take less than half the time to fix them on the cameras compared to my Lockit. Camera department loved them. My only concern is that on a couple of occasions, when removing them, the strong velcro attachment caused me to worry that the case of the Tentacle was not secure. i.e. I could feel it coming apart slightly. How are they closed and if by any chance the case was to open, how should I fix it? Obviously avoiding sending it back to you. Finally, When in practical use, I found that I was having to check carefully between the input and output lemo. I know I can do this as a user, but it would be great to have the jamming cable a different colour or more easily identifyable in some way.


Mike Cooper


Hi Mike,

I know, that hook surface on the bottom is really strong. No concerns that it will fall off accidentally but yes, it could get broken if you just pull too hefty and often on the topside. There is a screw beneath the hook tape on the left side (where the 3.5mm). My idea is to use just half size of Velcro on the device you want to attach it. This will be still strong enough…

Thank you for your feedback. We put now additionally an arrow for the direction on the jack connector.

Thanks, Max

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