Rename synced video files with audio files names

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HI ,


For some workflow, ( i think dslr low budget shoot ) , i think it would be great to be able to rename ┬áthe synced video files with the corresponding audio files name, so we would have scene and take files name instead of gibrish from the an option of course…

an option to keep audio handles around video files would be great too..( if i roll a room tone at the begining or end of a take , i ‘ll know it would go to the editor….)

Is this possible?


Isn’t the xml export an option for your workflow? Then you have audio with handles, metadata and filenames.


xml export doesn’t work for every case scenario ( editing software, need of transcoding, editor taste..)


Yeah, i know.
But still i think it is the best way. Because it means you keep a relation with both the original video and original audio files. If you make a new file it always lose some connection to the originals.

The best way would be if edit programs have instant automatic sync. Like, when you import video tell there is separate audio related. So when you drag an video clip from the bin the related audio clip comes along. And vice versa.

One thing is for sure; the workflows for dual system is not common enough, although the software of Tentacle is a great help at the moment.