Runs about 5 hours before off

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Got 2 Tentacles yesterday. Charged both until green light went solid on (100% charge). Turned both units on, synced, flashing green, let run over night expecting approx. 40 hours run time. Ran about 5 hours before both units showed no flashing LEDs. Charged both again, started at charge level one flash, in about 20 minutes charge level was solid (which seems too fast to be a complete charge). Synced both units, flashing green, and ran. Again about 5 hours before LEDs off.

This is nowhere near 40 hours run time. What is going on here?


I am very sorry for this! But actually this is not a bug, its a feature. Tentacle has an auto-power-off function, wich becomes active when nothing is plugged into the 3.5mm socket. So if you forgot to switch off your Tentacle, its Battery will not be empty when using it next time.

We will add a note to the users manual soon. Wer simply forgot this. Sorry for this.

To do battery runtime and sync time checking you just need to let the cables plugged into the Tentacles.


That is awesome! Thanks. They are working now with cables plugged in. Will see for how long.