How to send timecode only (without reference audio) to camera.

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It is my understanding that Tentacle Sync devices can send reference audio as well as audio timecode to cameras that do not have dedicated TC input connectors such as the Sony FS700 and other DSLRs.

I will be shooting with a Sony FS700 that has a Sennheiser 8060 mounted on it recording in channel 1 for reference audio on the camera. If I use the tentacle to XLR3 Male cable to send Timecode to channel 2 of the camera, is it possible for me to send only timecode from the Tentacle, or will the reference audio from the Tentacle also be present on that same channel?

Conversely, if I wanted to send the Tentacle’s reference audio to channel 1 of the FS700 and send the timecode to channel 2 of the FS700, is there a way to do so? If so which cable should I use?