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Hello, is there a sticky or an archive I can search regarding connecting the Tentacle Sync E to a canon c100mii, if not, can someone help me?  Does anyone know of any issues doing this?  I set up my tentacles per the instructions.  I then connected them to channel 2 through the XLR input on the handle.  I can see on the audio meter that there is signal coming in…I set it to -20 per a different thread I came across on here…but the tentacle doesn’t seem to be sending TC to the camera.  I then tried channel 1, but that didn’t work either.  I double checked to make sure the tentacle was not in jam sync mode (red) and it wasn’t…it was blinking green.  I tried both tentacles in both channels and the TC on the camera never changed.  If anyone has any experience with the c100mii or advice, I would definitely appreciate it.  Thanks.


The C100 has no dedicated timecode input. So, we users have to use a trick to ‘record’ timecode on the camera. What we do is we record an audio stream containing LTC (Longitudinal TimeCode) on an audiotrack. Meaning; the timecode that you will see on your camera remains untouched. It’s just an ugly sound you are recording on an audio track.
Now, after the recording we bring the video clips to the Tentacle application, for mac it is called Tentacle Sync Studio.  It will ‘read’ this audio track and can decode it into timecode. Now, you can export new video clips and the timecode that the camera has written in the meta data of each file will be replaced by the timecode as written by the Tentacle on the audiotrack. Now you might understand the difference between “file-timecode” (used to be the camera tc) and Audio-timecode (timecode that was recorded on an audiotrack). Or, you can export an XML that align the videofiles with audio files on a timeline.

Does this help?

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