How to set up Tentacle with Cannon DSLR 5D Mark iii and MixPre 3

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I am a novice and am seeking step by step instructions to set up Tentacles with My Cannon 5D Mark iii and my Mix Pre 3 Recorder by sound design. My goal is to use an external microphone with an XLR connector as the audio source for my video and the scratch audio from the camera. I have no idea how to hook it up and make it work. I have looked at the very limited “How to video’s on YouTube for Tentacle and I am even more confused. Please help. I am not sure of the connectors I need as well.



If the manual is not clear enough, please re-read it and ask this forum what you don’t understand.

You basically say; “i don’t understand anything can you tell me?”
That’s a bit to much to answer.