setup program works with Windows and OS X but not with I-phone

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I’m using the 4 pin cable that comes with the units called Setup cable for iOS (4pin). Volume is way up, turned units on (tried 2) and no connection. My headphones (3 pin) work find with the I-phone 7 and the headphone jack to iPhone adapter.

What am I missing or do I have a bad cable or does the app work with the i-phone 7 yet?


Hi Larry,

we have tested this with iPhone 7 and it does connect to the Tentacle via the apple headphone adapter. The trick is to first connect the adapter to the Tentacle and after that plug in the lighting into your iPhone.

An other important thing is that the iPhone will need access to the microphone. Maybe you accidentally denied it on the first time. You can check this in your phone under “Settings->Privacy->Microphone”

Also useful hints can be found here: